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Initial Basic Training for Motorcycle (IBT)

from December 6th 2010,Initial Basic Training for motorcyclists is the law.

If your first learner permit is issued after this date,you must successfully

complete a 16 hour course of IBT before you can ride unsupervised on

a public road.

Module 1 has 6 objectives:

Personal protective equipment

Introduction to motorcycle controls

Placing motorcycle on and off stand

Technical checks

Walking alongside the motorcycle

How to start and stop the engine

Module 2 has 10 objectives

Moving off and stopping

Use of brakes

Use of gears

Slow riding


Figure of eight


Rear observation and mirrors

Turning left and right

Emergency adjustment of speed

Module 3 has 9 objectives

Legal requirements

Rules on the road

Beeing seen

Road surfaces

Road and lane position

Rear observation and mirrors


Anticipation and reaction

Weather conditions

Module 4 has 8 objectives



Traffic lights


Safe distance

Anticipation and reaction

Pedestrian crossings


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